How to Apply For Musoni Mobile Loan

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Musoni Mobile Loan

Below is a simple guide on how to apply for Musoni mobile loan. Musoni mobile app is a product of Musoni Kenya and it was developed so that their clients can have access to credit facilities anywhere and anytime through their cell phones.

Musoni mobile can be only be accessed by existing Musoni clients and is available on Google play store.

How to Apply For Musoni Mobile Loan

1. Download Musoni Mobile app on Google play store.

2. Click on “register”.

3. Fill in the details below

  • National ID
  • Mobile number
  • Secret question
  • Answer

4. Submit the information and wait for a confirmation message from Musoni mobile.

5. Open Musoni mobile app and apply for a loan.

6. Submit the information.

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7. If your loan application is successful, a message will pop up on your screen saying “Congratulations your loan has been approved and will be disbursed to you shortly”.

Note that your Musoni mobile loan limit increases every time you pay your loan on time.

In case of any issue related to Musoni mobile loan, you can reach out to the customer care department using the contacts below.

Musoni Kenya Contacts


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