Microfinance Institutions in Kenya That Give Small Loans

Microfinance Institutions in Kenya 2019, List of best Microfinance Institutions in Kenya, Microfinance Institutions in Kenya
Microfinance Institutions in Kenya 2019

Here is a list of Microfinance institutions in Kenya that give small loans. Microfinance is a financial service that offers small loans to individuals and entrepreneurs who don’t have access to conventional banking and other affiliated services.

Microfinance institutions in Kenya are licensed by the CBK (Central Bank of Kenya) and regulated under the Microfinance Act (2006).

In section 3 of the Microfinance Act, we have 2 types of Microfinance institutions:

  1. Deposit-taking Microfinance Institutions
  2. Non-deposit taking Microfinance Institutions

However, today we are going to share a list of Microfinance institutions in Kenya that lend small loans. In case you are in need of small loans, you can approach them.

list of Microfinance institutions in Kenya That Give Small Loans

1. Kenya Women Finance Trust Limited

KWFT Headquarters, Akira House,
Kiambere Road, Upper Hill
P.O. Box 4179 – 00506 Nairobi
Nyayo Stadium, Nairobi
24 hrs Customer Care Number: 0703 067 700
Hot Line: 0703 067 000
Airtel: 0730 167 000
Email: info@kwftbank.com
Website: www.kwftbank.com

2. Faulu Kenya

Faulu Kenya Headquaters, Off Ngong Road,City square
Ngong Lane
P.O Box 60240-00200 Nairobi
Nairobi, Kenya.
Hot Line : +254 711 074 000 or +254 711 074 074
Email: info@faulukenya.com
Website: www.faulukenya.com

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3. Key Microfinance Bank

Key Microfinance Bank Headquaters, Finance House, Loita Street
Hot Line: +254 724 449 288 or +254 733 553 555
Email: info@kenyamicrofinancebank.com
Website: www.kenyamicrofinancebank.com

4. SMEP Microfinance Bank

SMEP Microfinance Bank Headquaters, SMEP Building, Kirichwa Road, Off Argwins Kodhek Road
P.O Box 64063 – 00620 Nairobi
Hot Line: 020 3572799/26733127
Email: info@smep.co.ke
Website: www.smep.co.ke

5. Uwezo Microfinance Bank

Uwezo Microfinance Bank Headquaters, Park Plaza Building, Ground Floor, Moktar Daddah Street
P.O Box 1654 – 00100 Nairobi
Hot Line: 2212917 / 9
Website: www.uwezodtm.com

6. Rafiki Microfinance Bank

Rafiki Microfinance Bank Headuaters, 2nd Floor, El-Roi Plaza, Tom Mboya Street
P.O Box 12755 – 00400 Nairobi
Hot Line: 0202166401 or 0734 000 323/ 0719 804 370
Website: www.rafiki.co.ke

7. U&1 Microfinance Bank

U&1 Microfinance Bank Headquaters, 1th Floor, Asili Complex, Off River Road, Latema Rd, Nairobi
P.O Box 15825 – 00100 Nairobi
Hot Line: 0713 112 791
Email: info@uni-microfinance.co.ke
Website: www.uni-microfinance.co.ke


Although we have highlighted Microfinance institutions in Kenya that give small loans, it is good to note that there are other companies that also give the same type of loans.

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