How to Apply For PesaFlash Loan

How to Apply For PesaFlash Loan, How to Repay PesaFlash Loan, PesaFlash Paybill Number
PesaFlash Loan

Here is a simple guide on how to apply for PesaFlash loan and how to repay PesaFlash loan. PesaFlash, a product of Firch International Company LTD,  is a mobile loan app in Kenya that gives small loans to borrowers who are in dire need of money in order to settle their bills.

The registration process is quick and no paper work is involved. One thing I like about PesaFlash loan app is that once your loan application goes through, disbursement of the loan to your M-Pesa account takes less than five minutes.

Their loan amount ranges from Ksh. 2,000 to Ksh. 50,000 and loan repayment period is between 91 to 180 days.

This depends on your PesaFlash loan amount. PesaFlash loan interest rate is between 15.4% to 21% with the APR being 15.4%  to 21%.

On Google Play Store, PesaFlash loan app has more than 100k downloads with a rating of 4.0

PesaFlash Loan Requirements

  • Kenya citizen
  • Between age 20 to 60 years
  • ID holder

PesaFlash Loan App Registration Process

  • Go to Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Search for PesaFlash loan app.
  • Install the loan app.
  • Allow PesaFlash loan app to access your photos, media, files, location of your device, and to send and view messages.
  • Click on the agree button once the app asks to access the storage of your phone, location, SMS, camera, and contacts.
  • Click on the sign up button.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • An OTP will be sent to your phone. Enter and click next.
  • Set your password.
  • Click on the get credit limit.

Fill in the details below:

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  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Gender
  • National ID number
  • Date of Birth


  • Education level
  • Monthly income
  • Employment status
  • Marital status
  • Loan purpose
  • Outstanding loans
  • Payday
  • City/County
  • Residential status
  • Other mobile numbers


  • First next of kin
  • Second next of kin
  • Submit the information.

Verification process

  • Input your full statement.
  • Input your national ID.
  • Input
  • Input “6” for 6 months statement.
  • Once successful, you will be taken back to the homepage

How to Apply For PesaFlash Loan

  • Click on loans.
  • Enter the loan amount within your limit.
  • Submit the information.
  • If your loan request gets approved, the money will be disbursed to your M-Pesa account in less than five minutes.

How to Repay PesaFlash Loan

  • Go to M-Pesa menu on your sim toolkit.
  • Choose Lipa na M-Pesa.
  • Choose Paybill.
  • On the business number section, enter PesaFlash paybill number 623333.
  • On the account number section, enter your phone number.
  • Enter loan amount.
  • Enter M-Pesa pin number.
  • Confirm if al the details you’ve entered are correct.
  • Submit the information.
  • You will receive a confirmation message from M-Pesa and PesaFlash.

PesaFlash Contacts

Call : 0207651588

Whatsapp : +254 768 028 057

Email :


I hope that this simple guide on how to apply for PesaFlash loan and how to repay PesaFlash loan has been of great help to you.

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  1. Pesaflash you are a let down! I paid my loan a week before due date and you still call and send reminders to pay loan, what are you be coming? Update your systems and see the payment. I’d you are closing shop all the best, but we top disturbing me I don’t owe you anything.

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