How to Apply For OPesa Loan

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OPesa Loan App

Here is a simple guide on how to apply for OPesa loan and how to repay Opesa loan via M-Pesa. Opesa is a new loan app in Kenya that gives short term loans to help settle unexpected expenses. They don’t require any collateral or paperwork in order to issue loans. OPesa loan app disburses their loans in less than 5 minutes upon approval.

Their app on Google Play Store has 1 million plus downloads with a rating of 4.1. The least amount of money one can borrow from OPesa is Ksh. 500 and maximum Ksh. 30,000.

One thing i like about them, is that their service fee is Ksh. 0 and interest rate 12% APR.

OPesa Registration Process

1. Download OPesa loan app on Google Play Store.
2. Open the app and click on “Apply Now”.
3. A small tab will pop up on the screen of your phone, telling you to either login to the app or register now.
4. Click on “Register Now”.
5. You will be redirected to another tab with OPesa “terms of services”.
6. Go through it and click on the “continue” button.
7. The app will then request you to allow it to use your phone information and GPS position. Click on “Allow Access”.
8. Allow OPesa to photos, media and files on your device.
9. Next step is to enter your phone number.
10. A verification code will be sent to your phone. Enter it and click next.
11. Set your password and click on the finish button.
12. You will be taken to another page where you will be required to enter your personal information:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • National ID Number
  • Personal E-mail
  • Phone number in case of emergency
  • Phone number 2 in case of emergency
  • Monthly income
  • Pay day
  • Outstanding Loans
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13. Submit the above information.
14. Your loan limit will show up on the screen.
15. Click on “Apply Now”.

How to Apply For OPesa Loan

1. Click on “Apply Now”.
2. Click on “Repay Term” and select 15 days.
3. Click next and submit the information.
4. If successful, the loan amount will be sent to your M-Pesa account in less than 5 minutes.
5. If not successful, a notification will pop up on your screen telling you that “Regretfully we are unable to approve your application at this time. Please check the app for details”.

How to Repay OPesa Loan via M-Pesa

1. Go to sim toolkit on your mobile phone and click on M-Pesa menu.
2. Choose Lipa na M-Pesa.
3. Select Pay Bill and enter OPesa loan paybill number 606280 on the business number section.
4. On the account number section, enter the phone number which you used to receive your OPesa loan.
5. Enter your repayment amount.
6. Fill in your M-Pesa pin number and confirm if all the details you’ve entered are correct.
7. Submit the information.
8. You will receive a confirmation message from M-Pesa and OPesa.

OPesa Loan App Contacts

Phone: +254207650999

I hope that this post on how to apply for OPesa loan and how to repay OPesa loan via M-Pesa has been of great help to you.


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